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Local News

Smooth Sailing Through the Storm
10, Dec 2019
This year was one of smooth sailing regarding our operations, says our Chief Operations Officer Thinus Ferreira.

Triple the value with three new blades from Julia – ‘cutting edge’ at its best!
26, Nov 2019

The Italian company, Julia Utensili SPA, has, since its inception, been involved in manufacturing high-speed steel blading, explains First Cut Director Gary Willis. However, in terms of tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blades...

Coping with lengthly shipping delays
20, Nov 2019

When ports that serve as gateways into East Africa become clogged up, importing is a tricky – and very lengthy – business. Many of our customers in the region are experiencing long delays in their imports of CCA.

International News

Scientists develop efficient methods to turn woody biomass into fuels
16, Jan 2020

Increasing production of 2nd-generation biofuels—those made from non-food biomass such as switchgrass, biomass sorghum, and corn stover—would lessen our reliance on burning fossil fuels, which contributes to climate change.

Unlocking the properties of wood... next step, wooden skyscrapers?
16, Jan 2020

The ever-strengthening case for using wood as a construction material was given yet another boost recently, as researchers were able to capture the visible nanostructure of living wood for the first time.

Investigating timber properties to build confidence in construction
16, Jan 2020

The properties of timber vary depending on the direction of the grain, with parallel to grain timber elements tending to be stronger than their perpendicular to grain counterparts.

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