24, May 2024 -

Local News

Energy-to-Transport Disparity Heralds Unprecedented Chance to Unlock Growth: AFC State of Africa’s Infrastructure Report
21, May 2024

Study calls for urgent reassessment of outmoded pit-to-port models and uses new metrics to respond to full scale of continent’s infrastructure opportunity...

It starts and ends with numbers
20, May 2024

The growth of a sawmill from start-up status in 2009 to now supplying major hardware’s across SA’s Limpopo Province shows the potential that sawmilling holds and how emerging...

Webinar: Innovating process heat supply | Power to heat and thermal storage
16, May 2024

Process heat represents a large share of industrial consumers’ final energy demand and is still largely supplied by fossil fuels. However, the gas supply cliff in South Africa challenges...

International News

Tried and true practices: Leveraging tech investments
23, May 2024

Yes, technology is wonderful. But tried and true practices still have their place! Okay, so maybe your employer has invested in some of the latest...

Focus Topics as Enablers of Future Value Creation in Woodworking
22, May 2024

With its focus topics LIGNA.CONNECTIVITY, LIGNA.SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION and LIGNA.ENGINEERED WOOD, LIGNA 2025 in Hannover will be an important source of direction...

German sawmilling sector welcomes restart of federal house construction stimulus programme
22, May 2024

The German Sawmill and Wood Industry Association (DeSH) has welcomed the restart of a funding programme to stimulate the German house construction industry but criticizes the...


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