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Local News

Glulam Beams Must Comply with SA's Standards
30, Apr 2021

All timber sold and used for structural purposes in South Africa must meet the strength requirements for stress grade 5 as a minimum. Timber and laminated beams that do not meet the relevant grade requirements are not legal or safe for use as structural timber.

Get your hands on a TITAN Multirip for the toughest ripping jobs
29, Apr 2021

With Wood-Mizer TITAN's Multirip range, sawmillers have a multirip solution that any size sawmill can afford and use to boost the bottom line. A multirip is designed to cut cants into boards and to do so consistently...

Wood-Mizer - Top Tip for the week
21, Apr 2021
Wood-Mizer's Top Tip for the Week is to relax the tension on your sawmill's blade every two hours or over lunch breaks. By regularly releasing the tension on the blade, it will not stretch or develop cracks.

International News

MWC 2021: no relief in sight for high lumber prices, tight supply, but ‘future is bright’
30, Apr 2021

It’s been just over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Canada. Since then, almost every aspect of life has changed. In the forest industry, it has impacted the way we build, the way we trade and source, and the way we live and work.

Commodity prices reach ‘extraordinary’ levels, with lumber rising to new heights
30, Apr 2021

Commodity prices have risen to record levels over the past year and for the homebuilding industry in Canada, increasing prices, coupled with supply chain disruptions, are exacerbating the housing supply shortage.

The ultimate guide to lumber moisture control
30, Apr 2021

Moisture affects every phase of lumber manufacturing – the sawmill, kiln and planer. However, where uncontrolled moisture once contributed to significant waste, mills can now reduce or eliminate losses, as well as improve productivity.

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