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Tan-Treatâ„¢ Brings Technology To The Forefront

Tan-TreatTM Brings Technology To The Forefront Of Timber Preservation Quality Support February 25, 2014, Port Shepstone - The launch of Lonza Wood Protection's Tan-TreatTM Quality Support System comes at a perfect time to align the wood preservation sector with future technology trends, according to Lonza's General Manager, Doug Sayce The Tan-TreatTM system is an integrated electronic record keeping system that replaces the printed Charge Sheet, Receipt/Issue and Mixing and Stock Reconciliation books. Not only is the system secure and user-friendly; it also eliminates the risk of human calculation errors. After viewing the demo model, the South African Technical Auditing Service  (SATAS) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) added their endorsement to Tan-TreatTM as an alternative to the current Charge Sheet system Sayce, explains, "The first Tan-TreatTM programme was recently introduced at a newly built treatment plant that had never used the book system. Within 3 days the operator, who had no computer literacy, had mastered the programme and the business was able to reap the benefits of using an integrated quality system.Lonza has since enjoyed a 90% buy-in from its customer base, which is the highest success rate on any of our programmes, and is available to all our customers in South Africa". The next phase is the recruitment of an IT software company to develop the Tan-TreatTM system as a proprietary software programme. This program will further control user rights, as well as feature enhanced security and backup capabilities. It will also cater for data entry for an indefinite period as an improvement of the current Tan-TreatTM, which caters for a one-year period. Lonza offers full field and telephonic support during office hours to users of their Tan-TreatTM Quality Support System. For further information, please call 039 315 8401.

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