25, Aug 2019 -

First Cut's Bystronic fibre lasers assist National Stainless Steel Centre in the provision of precision, ‘stainless’ service to customers

Gareth Jackson, Bystronic Sales Director at First Cut with
Mischel Frljak, Managing Director of National Stainless Steel Centre (NSSC).

In challenging economic times, entrepreneurial flair, innovative technology investment and optimising productivity ensure ahead-of-the-curve success. This is very much the case with one of South Africa's stainless steel precision technology leaders, National Stainless Steel Centre (NSSC).

NSSC Managing Director Mischel Frljak explains that, with a combined background of many years’ experience in the stainless steel sector, he and his business partners started National Stainless Steel Centre in 2008.

"Within a year and half, the business premises grew to 6,000 m² under roof due to our investment in equipment that would allow us to provide a one-stop stainless-steel processing facility," explains Frljak.

Since then, NSSC's business has expanded exponentially, processing, supplying and trading in stainless steel for a range of customers involved in supplying the mining, petrochemical, automotive, architectural and private sectors. In addition, NSSC has also recently entered the retail sector. "The company carries out pre-fabrication on part assemblies, as and when customers require this,” Frljak advises, adding that within five years, the business had grown to an extent where there was a need to build their own facility in Kempton Park.

However, this rapid expansion required more advanced cutting capacity and capability. Any new equipment the business purchased would have to be able to keep up with the fast pace and the high quality standards demanded by NSSC. Naturally, Frljak is very well acquainted with all types and brands of steel cutting, processing and finishing technology; but was also looking for sound after-sales service and support, and a technology supplier which would build a synergistic partnership with NSSC, truly seeking to understand their technology requirements and future plans.

"At the time, I firmly believed that NSSC would find the increased productivity it needed in Bystronic laser equipment," explains Jackson, who is Bystronic’s Sales Director at First Cut.

The result of this was that NSSC purchased both the Bystronic lasers on the show, a 4 kW BySprint fiber laser and the Bystronic flagship 10 kW ByStar Fiber laser.

 "First Cut made an excellent effort to understand our requirements, and presented us with an option that was both cutting-edge fibre laser technology, and extremely competitive. Ever since the machines were delivered, we have also been very happy with the excellent technical support and service they have provided," says Frljak.

 "With the increased cutting efficiency and the reduced time taken for each cut, our capacity has increased between 30 to 40%," he adds.

Frljak explains that NSSC has always been an early adopter of new technology. "With the new Bystronic fibre laser technology in place, our cutting speeds are up to four times faster than previously. This in turn, has an incremental effect, as we can supply our customers with even better quality, even faster. In turn, our customers can supply their customers more effectively," he adds.

Regarding the future of NSSC, Frljak is keen on future investment, "and with First Cut there is a strong synergy and a productive meeting of minds," he continues. "With Bystronic and First Cut, we can only go from strength to strength."

Jackson comments: "For First Cut and our principal Bystronic – as well as our other principals Timesavers and NitraCut - it has been a very rewarding experience supplying National Stainless Steel.

Source: First Cut

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