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Managing a large clean up from start to finish

Managing a large clean up from start to finish


It has become customary for companies to use service as a marketing tactic, promising to solve their customers’ problems but rarely following through.

The Dolphin Bay team invests time and effort in our clients’ operations, implementing the solutions they need even when it takes time to do so.

These solutions range from ensuring that treatment operators are well trained, to solving technical problems and fulfilling the environmental requirements for a treatment plant. In one recent demonstration of this commitment to clients, we helped a major timber treater with a substantial clean-up and waste-disposal operation, as part of its move to embrace a greener future.

“The process started with assembling the clean-up crew and ended with issuing the certificate.”

“Dolphin Bay has helped many clients to clean up their plants and dispose of their waste through the authorised channels. What makes this case different is that we managed the process from start to finish,” said Bertus. “It required assembling the clean-up crew, ensuring the waste was packed in drums, arranging its transport, its disposal, and the issuing of the certificate.

“We also conducted a health, safety, and environmental audit for the client two years ago and have just completed a second one.

“It is important that the timber industry becomes more sustainable from both operational and environmental perspectives. Dolphin Bay is committed to playing a leading role in assisting the industry to achieve these goals.”

Source: Dolphin Bay Chemicals

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