17, Jan 2019 -

Mozambique issues new rules for exploration and export of timber

Mozambique issues new rules for exploration and export of timber


The Mozambican government has issued new rules for the exploration and export of six species of wood in the country.

People of Mozambique will not be allowed to export timber from three of the Mozambican-looking species known as chanfuta, umbila and jambire and will be licensed only to supply the domestic market, according to Mozambican television.

The document also prohibits the exploration and collection of nkula wood, ironwood and mondzo.

Under the new rules, the exit of wood from native species will only be authorized by submitting an annual export plan and meeting industry establishment criteria.

The government estimates that Mozambique annually loses between 140 and 187 million euros due to smuggling of timber.

Earlier, reported that Malawi is expected to spend USD 300,000 to set up a substation in the region. The information was released in Maputo by Mozambican Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Pacheco at the end of talks last Monday with his Malawian counterpart Emmanuel Fabiano.

With the exploration of the hydrocarbons of Palma, in Cabo Delgado, according to the minister José Pacheco, a long-term package is opened for the production and transport of energy from Mozambique to Malawi.

The two leaders also addressed the issue of transport and communications infrastructures with a view to relaunching the Sena railway line in the Beira Corridor. The reaffirmation of the border between Mozambique and Malawi has earned the attention of the two governments, having been assured that the two nations are on the right track.

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