24, Apr 2019 -

New surface treatment to boost hardwood components

New surface treatment to boost hardwood components


FWPA Research and Development Manager Chris Lafferty, described the results as exciting. “In practice, this treatment will deliver added consistency, stability and reliability of hardwood timber products, particularly in situations where the timber is exposed to changing conditions such as seasonal variations and in species that are notoriously difficult to laminate,” he said. 

“Additionally, with the natural oil found in timber causing coatings to lift off over time, this treatment could significantly reduce the need for regular reapplication. Reducing the need to re-apply coatings would further increase the desirability of hardwood as a building material of choice.” 

During the testing, the bond strength of Victorian Ash, Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum, and Tallow wood showed an improvement in bond strength of up to 100 percent following treatment. The research team declined to reveal what the treatment is made of, and it is too early to say what it would cost in a commercial setting.

The final stage in the three-phase project will include further timber bond strength trials using a range of species to establish the criteria for optimum performance of the treatment on each, and the refining and development of recommendations around the methodology and equipment necessary for successful industrial application. 

Source: Friday Offcuts

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