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Positive heresy: unconventional saw filing tips

Positive heresy: unconventional saw filing tips


For the saw-doctors or filers out there, what’s the right way to do any given task in a filing room? You might want to say, “Whatever you were taught in school,” or maybe, “Whatever works best,” but you would be wrong both times. The proper answer is, however the head filer tells you he wants it done.

That being said, just because something has been done a certain way for 50 years doesn’t mean it’s been done the best way. The field of saw filing is still wide open for experimentation and improvement. Nothing is sacrosanct. Trevor Shpeley, a former executive of the BC Saw Filers Association and currently working as a filer at Kalesnikoff Lumber in British Columbia provides in a recent article some tips that are slightly off the beaten track. They may however work for you.

Further details can be found on the site set up for New Zealand and Australian sawmilling and wood manufacturing companies www.woodtech.news or this link.

Source: Friday Offcuts

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