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SAFCA CEO Appointment - Announcement

SAFCA CEO Appointment - Announcement

October_2023_-_SAFCA_CEO_Appointment_-_Announcement.jpgRoger Johnston

Introducing Roger Johnston: A Veteran Leader in the Forestry Industry

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Roger Johnston as the new CEO of SAFCA.

With a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the forestry sector, Roger brings invaluable expertise and leadership to our organization.

Roger’s journey in the industry began in the late 1970s, as he obtained his Diploma in Agriculture from Cedara. He subsequently ventured into crop and livestock farming before transitioning to timber farming and gum harvesting in the KZN Midlands. Over the years, Roger expanded his scope, taking on various contracts and projects with renowned industry players such as Safcol, Merensky, Sappi, Mondi, and P.G. Bison.

In addition to his extensive business management skills, Roger has excelled in financial analysis, budgeting, contract negotiation, and operational excellence. He has consistently demonstrated a commitment to employee welfare, skills development, and adherence to regulatory practices. Roger’s exceptional leadership skills have been recognized through his board memberships, including his tenure as Chairman of the Nottingham Road Farmers Association.

Beyond his professional achievements, Roger is known for his fluency in Zulu and to a slightly lesser extent, Afrikaans. He is an active member of the Sedgefield Christian Church and enjoys engaging in various outdoor activities, such as overland travel, camping, and wildlife exploration.

We are confident that Roger’s expertise, passion for the industry, and strong leadership qualities will guide SAFCA towards continued growth and success.

Please join us in welcoming Roger Johnston as our new CEO.

Source: SAFCA

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