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Smooth Sailing Through the Storm

Smooth Sailing Through the Storm

Chief Operations Officer Thinus Ferreira

This year was one of smooth sailing regarding our operations, says our Chief Operations Officer Thinus Ferreira.

Weather delays, port congestions and other difficulties continued to affect shipping, but Dolphin Bay has increasingly put mitigation measures in place, to the extent that the hurdles no longer affected our operations.

Our clients too, are addressing the hurdles by planning further in advance, engaging more with their clearing agents and tracking their cargo.

"Any business will have its constraints, but Dolphin Bay has shown that with the right planning, growth is still possible"

For Dolphin Bay, another notable development of 2019 was that we increased the output at our Mossel Bay factory, enabling us to reach higher production levels with the same resources, by making relatively small adjustments to streamline our operations.

This is an exciting process for us all, and one that will make production much easier.

We appointed new clearing agents and warehousing partners in Coega, who sourced a brand-new, much larger warehousing space for us, with a new stock control system that gives us greater control over where our cargo is.

Broadly speaking, consumer and business sentiment has become increasingly negative this year. In our industry, this sentiment turned out to be unreasonably pessimistic as, in the long run, the industry saw growth in key sectors.  

Our team has done tremendous work throughout the year, putting in the hard hours required, and our factory teams have outdone all previous efforts. Looking ahead to 2020, I see Dolphin Bay upping our capacity even further, and continuing to build our company in phases.

Our aim, as always, is to be proactive, putting measures in place before they’re needed, to provide our customers with the best possible services and products, which will secure both our futures.

Source: Dolphin Bay Chemicals

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