31, May 2020 -

Submission to Government - Sector Framework: COVID-19 Risk-adjusted Strategy

Submission to Government - Sector Framework: COVID-19 Risk-adjusted Strategy

This comment is submitted under Level Four sectors A1 Forestry, C Manufacturing, D Construction, E10 Hardware, R Personal Movement

The purpose of this submission is to urgently bring to the attention the supply/value chain associated with forestry products and to ensure that forestry, along with its downstream industries all exist in the same level of the COVID-19 Risk-adjusted Strategy.

Commercial forests are a strategic national resource which take up to 25 years to establish. Ensuring their survival is a national imperative. For commercial forestry to survive means ensuring that its entire supply and value chain can operate.

The downstream processing of the resource from Forestry results in a multitude of products that are consumed across various sectors. Due to the nature of this manufacturing process, it cannot produce its products for a single sector and not another sector e.g. construction timber is produced simultaneously to remanufacturing timber, packaging timber, products for agriculture & energy production.


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