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Update on Richards Bay Fires (03/10/2023)

Update on Richards Bay Fires


Aerial bombers, and a very large contingent of ground forces and specialised machines continue to focus all attention on preventing the fire from spreading to any of the neighboring industries and residents.

Considerable assistance is being rendered from NCT forest operations, Municipality, and many local businesses. NCT is extremely grateful for this support and good will. All of these valued contributors will be listed and formally acknowledged and thanked individually once the fire is deemed to be under control.

During this time of crisis, it is concerning to note speculative rumours surfacing about toxic fumes from the burning wood chips and imminent and massive job losses. NCT assures the public that these are pure speculation.

The wood chips NCT have in stock are merely small pieces of raw wood (as you would use on your braai fire) with no added chemicals. Furthermore, there is absolutely no talk of job losses. NCT as a co-operative is fully invested in the needs of its staff and valued members comprising independent growers and suppliers and definitely plans to rebuild. We need people to do this.

Any comments as to the origin of the fire must also remain pure speculation at this juncture. The site is too dangerous to access and assess at present and absolutely no investigation has been conducted to date. There are simply no facts to work on currently.

The chip piles are likely to burn for a considerable time and all that can be done currently is to cool them down and prevent spread. Extinguishing is going to be a long process.

Danny Knoesen - General Manager

Source: NCT


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