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Hurricane Investment Prep: Timber ETFs

20, Sep 2017

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, some investors have been paying...

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Timber bio-fuel stymied by lack of government incentives, says industry

20, Sep 2017

With a number of coal-fired power stations tipped to close over the next decade...

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DFA proposes tallest timber observation tower to clean Central Park reservoir

20, Sep 2017

New York studio DFA has envisioned a prefabricated timber tower for New York's Central Park...

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Forests and Timber Processing: From Timber to Pulp and Paper Factories

19, Sep 2017

“The amount of investment has already totaled 39 bln rubles in recent years here...

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Soft approach to illegal timber products

11, Sep 2017

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of timber products coming into Australia

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The Global Forest Industry in the 2Q/2017

06, Sep 2017

Excerpts from the 2Q 2017 issue of the Wood Resource Quarterly. To subscribe to the full 56-page

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Engineered wood market to show steady 10 year growth

28, Aug 2017

Engineered wood also known as man-made wood or composite wood, has become popular in recent times...

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Technology taking timber taller

24, Aug 2017

Business as usual in the construction industry is getting something of a shakeup...

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Brunell: Big fires increasing prices for lumber

16, Aug 2017

Massive forest fires in western parts of Canada and the U.S. are not only choking us...

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Powering Up New Feedstock Demand

15, Aug 2017

Nearly 90 percent of Maine is blanketed in dense forests, and the state boasts nearly 40 species...

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