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Snapshot scanning for sawmills

23, Nov 2023

We all know that sawmilling is a special type of manufacturing. Instead of assembling products from a variety of known components, we produce goods by breaking down logs into finished lumber...

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Weaker lumber markets have resulted in lower sawlog prices worldwide

16, Nov 2023

The Global Sawlog Prices Index (GSPI) fell 1.6% in the 2Q/23 quarter-over-quarter (QoQ). Year- over-year (YoY), this fall represented almost a 10% decline compared to the 2Q/22 when it hit its all-time high...

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Swedish sawmills have diversified their export markets over the past few years with shipments to the US increasing to a record-high share

04, Nov 2023

Lumber trade has become more global over the past few decades with an increased flow of wood products from forest-rich countries to regions lacking domestic forests to supply the local markets...

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Higher wood fiber costs for pulpmills worldwide in 2023

01, Nov 2023

During the past three years, prices for hardwood fiber have increased at a much faster rate than for softwood fiber, resulting in the Global Hardwood Fiber Price Index jumping 44%...

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OptiSaw 2023: Cutting edge of saw milling tech and processes

26, Oct 2023

The global pandemic, economic crunch, and  inflation have forever altered the already transitioning forest industy. In this ever-changing environment and the pressure to do more...

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Spotlight on Kilns

25, Oct 2023

Canadian Forest Industries has the latest updates on kiln technology for drying Canadian lumber. BID Group - BID Group has a proven reputation for the innovative design and manufacture...

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Global brands partner with FSC to engage shoppers in forest protection

02, Oct 2023

Forest Week is a timely opportunity for businesses, consumers, NGOs and other organizations to come together and drive action towards choosing responsibly sourced products...

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Sawmill down-sizing in British Columbia will create long-term opportunities for European lumber exporters to the US

23, Sep 2023

Canada is the world's second-largest producer of softwood lumber, behind the United States. Over the past five years, production has decreased from 48 million m3 in 2017 to 37 million m3 in 2022...

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Cebro and Evoris support smart board manufacturing

19, Sep 2023

Dieffenbacher's Cebro is a holistic smart plant concept combining Evoris digitalisation and advanced engineering solutions with operational excellence and sustainability initiatives...

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Sawfiling 101: Avoid a tension headache

06, Sep 2023

Let me start by asking, how much tension are you running in your guided saws? The answer should be, “Only as much as needed for the saws to stand up straight, both in and out of the cut.”...

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