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Log trade in the Baltic Sea region has declined for two reasons: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and as a result of investments in forest production capacity in the Baltic States

20, Jun 2023

The two largest log-trading regions in Europe are Central Europe (where Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany are the major importers) and Northern Europe (Finland and Sweden are the two log-importing countries).

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Here We Grow Again | Wood-Mizer Further Expands Its Products

15, Jun 2023

Wood-Mizer benchmarked innovative sawmilling technology. The same design ability now also fuels our rapidly expanding woodworking machine range.

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US softwood imports from Europe sustain record surge

12, Jun 2023

US softwood lumber imports from European suppliers soared further into record territory in the first quarter after setting all-time highs in 2022.

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Russian Timber Exports Witness Steep Decline as EU Sanctions Take Effect

08, Jun 2023

According to recent data from Roslesinforg, the Russian forest regulator, foreign sales of Russian timber experienced a further decline in the first quarter of this year, dropping by over 20 percent to 4.5 million cubic meters...

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Antiblu 375 protects the integrity of freshly sawn timber

01, Jun 2023

Varying temperatures and humidity during transition seasons heighten the risk of surface mould on freshly sawn timber...

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Exporters urged to keep an eye on the EU’s Green Deal

31, May 2023

South Africa’s exporters, supported by policymakers, need to start planning to retain their competitiveness...

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Timber! Japan's Wooden Satellite Is Nearly Ready for Space

29, May 2023

An experiment on board the ISS showed that wood is surprisingly durable in the extreme environment that is space. The wooden material was tested on Japan’s Kibo module on board the ISS...

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Wood-Mizer at LIGNA 2023: “From Forest to Final Form”

25, May 2023

At LIGNA, Wood-Mizer installed two industrial sawmilling lines for log processing. The lines consisted of sawmills joined in a synchronous operating system by material conveyors that sort and transport lumber...

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China will resume Australian timber trade imports from Thursday, ambassador says

23, May 2023

The restoration of timber imports comes a month after Australia agreed to suspend its appeal to the World Trade Organization over Chinese government tariffs on Australian barley.

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New investors and unbundling of Merensky Timber

22, May 2023

Interest in sustainable plantations and renewable resources has been increasing in all countries across the world...

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