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2018 Lumber Outlook

16, Jan 2018

After the currency-driven global lumber price slump in 2015, market demand and prices both started to improve in 2016. While overall global demand improved modestly...

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Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update

14, Dec 2017

Record high prices for softwood lumber in North America in the 3Q/17 and rising lumber export prices in Sweden, Finland and Russia as lumber demand picks up in key markets.

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Why in the world would anyone want a wooden nail?

14, Dec 2017

Beck Fasteners totally nails it with the Lignoloc. Nails are wonderful things; the invention of the cheap wire nail made them into a cheap mass produced commodity that contributed...

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Promoting legal timber trade

08, Dec 2017

Last week, Indonesia celebrated the first anniversary of the licensing scheme that permits the export of certified timber products to the European Union without passing through due diligence checks.

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Ghana: New Timber Legality Law Good for Ghana-EU Vpa

24, Nov 2017

The enactment of a new legislation that addresses entrenched forest governance challenges in Ghana has been touted as a critical milestone on the way to full implementation of the country's Voluntary...

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Russian wood processors short on wood

24, Nov 2017

There continue to be ongoing developments in global markets, with some regions appearing to be more dynamic than others. While the U.S. is becoming the key worldwide driver due to its constrained...

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Midway among companies experiencing resurgence

24, Nov 2017

Australia’s battered forestry sector and timber industry is finally starting to emerge from the financial wilderness it was cast into nearly a decade ago following the spectacular collapse of managed investment...

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Experimental Swiss apartment wants to bring timber into the 21st century

23, Nov 2017

The Wood Materials Science department at ETH Zurich in Switzerland is pioneering new ways of utilizing timber and wood construction by imbuing the traditional material with extraordinary properties...

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Southwood Fibre's woodchip export proposal 'missing link' for Tasmania's southern forests

17, Nov 2017

A proposed $42 million export facility for woodchips in southern Tasmania is the missing link in the rebuilding of the sector, the forest industry has said. Southwood Fibre has lodged a development application with the Huon Valley...

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How mass timber could transform our cities (really)

16, Nov 2017

At the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, a curious structure sat on the grass near the international pavilion in the Giardini. It was an engineered timber version of Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-Ino...

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