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Klaus Körber: an ubermaster of his craft

26, Apr 2019

For the past 26 years Klaus Körber has been a master craftsman in the timber industry. Timber iQ sat down with him to find out the secret of his continued success in the industry. At the tender age of 17, Körber started...

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Sans Consolidated and Simplified

24, Apr 2019

The new versions of the standards will streamline the process for future amendments, clear up grey areas and clarify misunderstandings about the role of the National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications.

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Increased challenges created by illegal timber treaters

18, Apr 2019

Illegally treated poles can be seen for sale at hardware depots on almost every street in Limpopo, says SAWPA Executive Director Bruce Breedt.​

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First Cut and Messer – a ‘heavy-duty’ quality combination for state-of-the-art steel fabrication

16, Apr 2019

For more than 60 years, First Cut has been South Africa's foremost distributor of capital equipment and related cutting consumables; and has an enviable portfolio of international principals which are world leaders...

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ITC-SA’s SAQA accreditation renewed

16, Apr 2019

The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), South Africa’s watchdog for the engineered timber construction sector, recently received renewed recognition from the South African Qualifications Authority...

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Government should harness business skills to aid a turn around

16, Apr 2019

The problems facing the country are so vast and varied that public morale has suffered. To bring about positive chance, President Cyril Ramaphosa needs to persuade many factions that business is not the enemy.​

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New venture to set up $20mn Timber processing plant Rwanda

29, Mar 2019

Italian high-end furniture maker, Giorgio Collection has signed an agreement with Master Assets, a real estate firm to set up a $20 million timber processing plant to make furniture in Rwanda.

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A feel for wood

20, Mar 2019

Ines Marktl of ITM Timber Merchants touches base with Timber iQ, offering a glimpse into the South African timber sector through a fresh pair of eyes. Efficiency, customer care, accountability, professionalism...

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The future of processing – design technology and automation

19, Mar 2019

The explosion of technological advances has resulted in a fundamental shift and transformation of the human experience through new-age requirements and concept design. From forestry onwards safety...

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Talking Timber

18, Mar 2019

The Wood Student Foundation in cooperation with HWZ International SA and the Hout Bay House Team has come up with a unique project for architects and would-be architects. The Timber Competition is a...

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