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Insight into the copper price

21, Nov 2017

The price of CCA is driven by the exchange rate and cost of the commodities it contains. Copper is a key element in the manufacturing of CCA, and its price has risen by up to 22% this year, augmenting a long-term trend.

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Unpacking the implications of the new waste regulations

21, Nov 2017

New regulations governing the disposal of hazardous waste are now being implemented, with tolerance of much lower concentrations than were previously accepted. The regulations were published in 2013...

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Spectroscopy can help solve your waste disposal nightmare

21, Nov 2017

We recently bought an atomic absorbent spectroscopy to help optimise our own production levels. In a stroke of serendipity, the machine has arrived at a time when many of our clients need to analyse their waste.

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Enrolment open for ITC-SA roof estimator/designer courses 2018

20, Nov 2017

With the intention to provide fundamental training for estimators and designers in the nail-plated timber roof truss industry, the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA)

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‘You never achieve more than what you aim for,’ says entrepreneur of the year

16, Nov 2017

South African entrepreneur Willem van der Merwe was 10 years old when he started his first business venture – a tuck shop on his father’s farm. Years later, he went on to found Africa Biomass Company (ABC)

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SEFA to Support the Development of a Biomass-to-Power Plant in South Africa

13, Nov 2017

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has approved US$990,000 to eThala Management Services, to support the development of a 10-MW Biomass-to-Power plant to be located in Harding.

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First Cut and Julia’s new Iron Lady circular saw blade – a ‘steely’ cutting-edge solution for the lowest cost-per-cut

01, Nov 2017

At First Cut, customer service excellence is the underpinning operational ethos. As part of this, the company’s consumables division recently hosted a technical visit by Luca Dreossi, Sales and Technical Support.

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South Africa’s path to dry kiln success

27, Oct 2017

Henco Viljoen, co-owner of Timbersoft in South Africa, is passionate about timber drying. He inherited this passion from his father, mentor, and co-partner, Johan Viljoen.

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The future of Joineries in the southern Cape

24, Oct 2017

In so many ways, a joinery is like a swimming pool – and in so many more obvious ways it absolutely isn’t! Yes, both are power-hungry creations, needing to be used and maintained every day. 

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SAFAS certification system has been submitted to the PEFC

24, Oct 2017

SAFAS certification system has been submitted to the PEFC for endorsement. The summary of comments are available for download below.

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