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Produce beautiful wide live edge slabs with the HM130MAX

Produce beautiful wide live edge slabs with the HM130MAX


HM130MAX is designed to be the most affordable and robust wide-cut sawmill in the market.

A wide capacity sawmill for sawyers looking to mill popular live edge slabs. Featuring a 30” (76cm) diameter log capacity matched with a 30” (76cm) throat opening that produces stunning high-value live edge boards. The HM130MAX is loaded with new features like our RapidChange™ blade system, auto lube, an operation hour meter, wider cut capability and much more.
How to extend the lifetime of your Sawblades

Lubricate the blade - This relieves stress by reducing the friction and prevents "pick-up" which generate heat and cause the blade to get dull faster

Relieve Tension - Take the strain off your blades every 2 hours to prevent the blade from stretching or getting cracks
Choose the right Blade - Not all blades perform the same function. It is important to choose the proper blade for the intended purpose.

Change Blades more often - This prevents them from getting too dull and having to sharpen them too often. A quick sharpen grind helps extend the blade life as cracks are less likely to occur and metal fatigue is less common. The sharper the blade, the better the cut

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