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U.S. lumber prices seen extending losses as sawmills ramp up

27, Jul 2021

The most-active lumber futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is almost 50 per cent below last month’s record high of US$1,733.50 per 1,000 board feet. Spurred sharply higher by strong home building.

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Precision Humidity Sensors from E+E Elektronik Tie Manufacturer of Environmental Sensors to Lumber Drying, Wood Products Industry

27, Jul 2021

You may not be familiar with E+E Elektronik if you dry lumber, but they may be an integral part of your lumber drying operations. The Austrian company, which has operations in the U.S., received its first requests for reliable sensors.

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Increased demand for softwood lumber in the US and Asia will change the global trade flows of wood in the coming decade

21, Jul 2021

Softwood lumber has been in high demand in the US and Europe throughout 2021. The limited supply resulted in temporary price surges to record high levels during the spring, followed by substantial declines in early summer.

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Don't miss this year's biggest event in sawmilling

30, Jun 2021

Join the biggest names in the business in person this August at the Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Exposition (EXPO), sponsored by the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA).

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Saw Filing 101: Saw arbor and sleeve wear

30, Jun 2021

Is your saw fitting correctly on the arbor/sleeve? We, as an industry leader, are always looking for a better way to accurately establish measured standards that will determine when a part, such as an arbor or arbor sleeve, needs replacing.

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The Global Forest Industry This Quarter - WRI Market Insights 2021

25, Jun 2021

Wood Resources International Market Insights, June 2021: The Global Forest Industry This Quarter

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Estimating the potential carbon abatement associated with using more timber, less concrete and steel in construction

20, Jun 2021

FWPA has commissioned an economic analysis to better understand the potential carbon dioxide emissions abatement associated with the use of more wood in construction, as opposed to alternatives such as concrete and/or steel, under a number of different scenarios.

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Mass timber report shows projects reaching new heights across Canada

18, Jun 2021

Mass timber has come a long way since the first two Canadian plants in Quebec and B.C. established cross-laminated timber production lines more than a decade ago.

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Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World (SW4SW)

17, Jun 2021

Sustainable wood is a renewable material which if responsibly sourced can contribute to a resilient planet, reduce deforestation and ecosystem degradation, while providing for livelihoods, including those of indigenous peoples...

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Hardwood fiber costs for pulp mills worldwide increased modestly in 2020

26, May 2021

Increased demand for hardwood fiber in key pulp-producing countries and a weaker US dollar resulted in higher hardwood pulplogs prices in the 4Q/20. The Global Hardwood Fiber Price Index (HFPI) was up 1.4%

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