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Pacific Rim wood chip trade on track to decline y-o-y in 2023 for the second time in 15 years

09, Aug 2023

Most of the world’s wood chip trade is that of hardwood chips in the Pacific Rim. In 2022, the global wood chip trade accounted for about 42 million bdmt...

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Cameroon round wood export ban expands

08, Aug 2023

Cameroon’s Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) has expanded the list of tree species that can no longer be exported from the Central African country as raw logs.

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Building a sustainable and effective combustible dust program

31, Jul 2023

Combustible wood dust hazards and incidents are significant and at times catastrophic. The 2021 Combustible Dust Incident Report produced by Dust Safety Science...

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Dwindling softwood log supply options will force China to expand lumber imports in the future

19, Jul 2023

As late as 2019, China imported almost 100 million m3 rwe (roundwood equivalents) of softwood logs and lumber to meet the growing demand for forest products in the domestic market.

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Hand safety in sawmills

30, Jun 2023

As the No. 1 preventable injury in a sawmill work environment, a risk-based approach to addressing hand safety hazards must be our first defense...

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Success Story: The WERMA Signal Tower as HMI

29, Jun 2023

Extensive machines and plants often have poorly visible or dangerous areas that are secured with protective zones or fences.

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Australian exporters receive new opportunities to ship logs to China following a 2.5-year ban, but exports are not anticipated to reach historic levels

22, Jun 2023

At the end of 2020, China banned the importation of plantation pine logs from Australia, stating that bark beetles had infected the logs.

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Log trade in the Baltic Sea region has declined for two reasons: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and as a result of investments in forest production capacity in the Baltic States

20, Jun 2023

The two largest log-trading regions in Europe are Central Europe (where Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany are the major importers) and Northern Europe (Finland and Sweden are the two log-importing countries).

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Here We Grow Again | Wood-Mizer Further Expands Its Products

15, Jun 2023

Wood-Mizer benchmarked innovative sawmilling technology. The same design ability now also fuels our rapidly expanding woodworking machine range.

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US softwood imports from Europe sustain record surge

12, Jun 2023

US softwood lumber imports from European suppliers soared further into record territory in the first quarter after setting all-time highs in 2022.

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