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Sawmilling South Africa - Annual Report 2021/2022

23, Jul 2022

The sawmilling industry has been relatively stable over the past 12 months, which has had a positive impact on employment, enhanced growth (albeit small) and stimulated economic activity in the regions we operate.

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RF Gevers is on an unwavering quest for improved recovery

20, Jul 2022

RF Gevers participates in the Crickmay & Associates performance benchmarking programme to monitor its progress. It received the Intermill Comparison annual Productivity Improvement Award twice and is a regular on the runners-up list, including 2021 & 2022.

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South Africa's sawmilling industry is sharpening itsedge to "saw" the future

18, Jul 2022

Radical change is afoot in SA's primary and secondary wood processing industries. If any sawmillers think it is "business as usual", then they did not attend (or stream) SSA's first face-to-face AGM since 2019.

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Sawmillers' AGM focuses on markets, marketing, skills development and innovation

17, Jul 2022

SSA is stepping up its campaign to promote wood's invaluable role in the country's future. It launched its new corporate colours, branding and slogan "we saw the future" at its AGM in June.

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Langeni Sawmill wins the 2022 Sawmill Improvement Award

15, Jul 2022

Congratulations to Merensky Timber's Langeni Sawmill for participating in the Crickmay & Associates Intermill Comparison and attaining the 2022 Sawmill Improvement Award.

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Timber process innovation boosts supply-chain sustainability

14, Jul 2022

An innovative project by the Weatherboard timber sawmill in Creighton, KwaZulu-Natal has boosted efficiencies, saved fuel and reduced environmental impact for the sawmill and its parent company – global supply-chain CHEP.

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The road map for exporting pine to Western Australia

12, Jul 2022

Geographical proximity and the similarity of its pine resource make South Africa a compelling alternative supplier of softwood timber to Australia.

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Farewell to an era – Goodbye Austro

10, Jul 2022

Mention brands like Weinig, Biesse, Striebig, Leitz, Fravol, Felder, Hammer, Lamello, and Kleiberit and inevitably the name Austro springs to mind. For over 40 years, Austro has represented these and other leading...

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Talking Timber Webinar - Treatment and Preservation of Engineered Wood

08, Jul 2022

SSA's Talking Timber webinar series aims to overcome misconceptions and lack of insight about wood as a construction material by informing built environment designers, builders and professionals about engineered timber products and innovative mass timber building systems.

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Technical Matters No 5: Improving the service life of timber

05, Jul 2022

We take a look at both traditional and more modern methods of preserving timber and prolonging its service life.

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