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Glulam Beams Must Comply with SA's Standards

30, Apr 2021

All timber sold and used for structural purposes in South Africa must meet the strength requirements for stress grade 5 as a minimum. Timber and laminated beams that do not meet the relevant grade requirements are not legal or safe for use as structural timber.

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Get your hands on a TITAN Multirip for the toughest ripping jobs

29, Apr 2021

With Wood-Mizer TITAN's Multirip range, sawmillers have a multirip solution that any size sawmill can afford and use to boost the bottom line. A multirip is designed to cut cants into boards and to do so consistently...

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Wood-Mizer - Top Tip for the week

21, Apr 2021

Wood-Mizer's Top Tip for the Week is to relax the tension on your sawmill's blade every two hours or over lunch breaks. By regularly releasing the tension on the blade, it will not stretch or develop cracks.

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The ITC-SA is a significant player in the process of solving the housing crisis

21, Apr 2021

The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA's) crucial role in solving the country's housing crisis is often overlooked by government and civil society.

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Strong softwood demand and tight supply is a worldwide issue

09, Apr 2021

Strong global demand for softwood means that supply will continue to be tight in 2021 in the UK, and may well tighten further, it was revealed at the UK TTF’s Softwood Conference.

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Bell launches global pre-owned equipment website

30, Mar 2021

Bell pre-owned equipment can now be shopped online thanks to the launch of a dedicated global website, pre-owned.bellequipment.com, which is also accessible from the company’s website.

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QCTO Notice | Extension of accreditation for Assessment / Trade Test Centres and Skills Development Providers

25, Mar 2021

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) after consultation with its stakeholders have decided to extend the decisions taken in "Covid 19 Memorandum 2 of 30 April 2020" by an additional 6 months.

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Environment invites comments on proclamation of land in Western and Eastern Cape

17, Mar 2021

Members of the public have until 26 March 2021 to comment on the proposed proclamation of tracts of land in the Western and Eastern Cape to be part of the Cape Floral Regional Protect Areas World Heritage Site.

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ITC-SA appoints two Regional Coordinators

10, Mar 2021

The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) is pleased to announce the appointment of two Regional Coordinators to assist its General Manager, Erik Söderlund to focus on the Institute's core function.

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ECSA approves ITC-SA as CPD Licensed Body

10, Mar 2021

The Institute for Timber Construction (ITC-SA) welcomes the decision by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) to recognise the Institute as a Voluntary Association authorised to be a Continuing Professional Development

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