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Designated Roof Erectors Keep the Roofs Above our Heads

06, Sep 2021

The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) receives several inquiries from people who want to become Certified Roof Erectors each month. Erik Söderlund, the General Manager of the ITC-SA...

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Female Fusion: First Cut’s ‘First Women’ of welding

29, Aug 2021

Although traditionally a male-dominated profession, welding is increasingly becoming the domain of women, who are widely acknowledged for their skilled abilities in this field. From mining to maritime, fabrication and beyond.

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Is graded South African pine the best structural wood in the world?

24, Aug 2021

This question might elicit a condescending smile from our northern hemisphere colleagues who might believe the wood of their slow-growing pines and spruces are far superior as structural timber from that of southern hemisphere

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Virtual Dialogues on IAP Biomass Economy

16, Aug 2021

All interested and affected parties in the invasive alien plant and bush encroachment biomass value chain who are interested in the development of the Strategic Framework for the biomass economy are invited to register.

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Hardwood Mill - For sale

13, Aug 2021

Hardwood mill in Limpopo for sale. Buying the business as a going concern with its assessed loss or taking over the site with or without the assets or buying the assets together or individually.

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Arch Wood Protection praises NRCS for firm stand on illegally treated timber

10, Aug 2021

Arch Wood Protection South Africa has praised the National Regulator for Compulsory Specification (NRCS) for seizing R1 million worth of illegally treated timber and described this as a big win for the treated timber industry.

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Business condemns violence, looting

27, Jul 2021

Various organisations have spoken out about the riots, vandalism and looting that have been taking place across KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng in recent days and warn that these actions will have a significant impact.

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Masahe Timber Treaters grows tenfold with Lonza's support

16, Jul 2021

Seven months ago, Masahe Timber Treaters entered the treatment market as a newcomer with very little experience. Today, the business is a thriving supplier of Tanalith® C pressure treated poles, thanks to the technical support

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First Cut ‘sharpens’ its total solutions offering with new welding division

22, Jun 2021

With more than 65 years of industry experience, First Cut is a leading South African provider of   cutting, welding and grinding consumables and equipment.

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Shipping Industry Moves Slowly Towards Disruption

17, Jun 2021

The shipping industry transports 80% of the world’s cargo, providing the backbone for our era of globalised trade.

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