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WRI Market Insights 2021 - The Global Forest Industry This Quarter

31, Mar 2021

The Global Sawlog Price Index rose 8% in the 4Q/20 as demand for logs increased throughout North America and Europe.
The most significant sawlog price increases occurred in Western US, Western Canada, Central Europe

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Robust Demand for Wood Pulp and Construction Materials Buoys the Global Roundwood Market

31, Mar 2021

The global industrial roundwood market is estimated at a huge figure of approximately $312B, which equals 2B cubic meters. In 2020, despite a slowdown in the market growth due to the pandemic...

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Rising Paper Packaging Demand to Mitigate Adverse Pandemic Impact on the Global Pulp Market

31, Mar 2021

Because of the pandemic-related shifts in downstream industries, pulp manufacturers are forced to adjust their market strategies towards the rapid increase in packaging paper use.

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Chinese imports of softwood and hardwood wood products will be significantly altered in 2022 if Russia’s log export ban is implemented

31, Mar 2021

China is the world’s largest importer of softwood and hardwood logs, and for many decades, Russia has been a significant log supplier for them. This relationship may change in 2022 if Russia implements their proposed ban

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Sennebogen log handler helps BC transload facility run smoothly

30, Mar 2021

Nothing much has changed over the past three years at Cameron River Logistics (CRL), and that, in itself, is a good thing.
The huge transload facility in B.C.’s Peace River district still receives up to 50 truckloads a day.

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New Focus Report Released: Russian log export ban in 2022

25, Feb 2021

Russia has been a leading log exporter for decades and this may come to an end in 2022. A proposed export ban will have immediate impact on global trade flows of logs and lumber. China will be forced to explore new supply...

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Wood from Finland Conference: Take home messages

24, Feb 2021

Many interesting presentations about the main sawnwood market from all over the world were given at the Wood for Finland Conference 2021.

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Russia’s proposed log export ban in 2022 will have a far-reaching impact on global forest product markets

23, Feb 2021

Russia exported 15 million m3 of logs in 2020, which accounted for almost 12% of globally traded roundwood. Much of this trade may come to a halt next year when a new law proposed by Russia's president will ban the exportation...

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How timber markets can help save tropical forests

11, Feb 2021

Gerhard Dieterle is Executive Director of The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), an intergovernmental organization that promotes conservation of tropical forest resources and their sustainable management

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WRI Market Insights, January 2020: Global Wood Fiber Markets

09, Feb 2021

In the 3Q/20, the Global Hardwood Fiber Price Index (HFPI) was up by 1.6% to $81.17/odmt, following a 16-year low in the previous quarter. The first q-o-q increase in almost two years was mainly driven by a weakening...

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