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Tariffs now hit China's woodworking machinery

17, Jul 2018

Tariffs of 25 percent were levied on Chinese-manufactured woodworking machinery and panel processing equipment beginning Friday 6 July. It’s part of a trade battle being waged on several fronts by the Trump Administration.

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Market pulp producers saw higher profits in the 1Q/18 as pulp prices jump to record high levels

13, Jul 2018

Pulp prices reached record highs in early 2018 following a 16-month period of increasing prices. Wood fiber costs, the largest cost component when manufacturing pulp, have gone up much more slowly...

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Global lumber prices continued their two-year climb in the 1Q/18

25, Jun 2018

This is a brief excerpt from the newly released market report Wood Resource Quarterly. To read the full 56-page quarterly report, please visit www.WoodPrices.com to initiate an annual subscription.

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New surface treatment to boost hardwood components

22, Jun 2018

A new mystery surface treatment developed by the CSIRO is set to enhance the viability and desirability of hardwood components in construction, by improving bond strength when adhesives and coatings are applied.

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Timber frame market set for impressive growth in 2018

20, Jun 2018

Timber frame is the fastest paced sector in the UK housebuilding market and is going from strength to strength in 2018, according to a new report by MTW Research. The research, based on 80%...

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Company develops 'green' graphite from forestry waste

20, Jun 2018

A Marlborough company may have struck gold with its own modern-day philosopher's stone, turning waste sawdust into valuable graphite. Graphite is considered a 'strategic mineral' by the United States for its use in...

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High demand for lumber and pulp in the US, Europe and China

19, Jun 2018

The Global Forest Industry in the 1Q/2018. Excerpts from the 1Q 2018 issue of the Wood Resource Quarterly. To subscribe to the full 56-page market report. The Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) jumped 5.1%

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Global Particle Board Market - Key Findings by IndexBox

13, Jun 2018

Which Country Imports the Most Particle Board and Similar Wood Board in the World? According to the report "World: Particle Board And Similar Board Of Wood - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2025"...

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Substantial increases in wood costs for pulpmills in Western US and Canada in the 1Q/18

11, Jun 2018

Price movements for wood fiber throughout North America were mixed in the 1Q/18 with substantial increases seen in the Western US and Western Canada, while prices for softwood chips fell substantially in Eastern Canada.

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Bleached-white nanowood material promises exceptional insulating properties

06, Jun 2018

University of Maryland engineers have created a new insulating material capable of blocking at least 10 degrees more heat than styrofoam or silica aerogel. It's also 30 times stronger than styrofoam...

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