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Smooth Sailing Through the Storm

10, Dec 2019

This year was one of smooth sailing regarding our operations, says our Chief Operations Officer Thinus Ferreira.

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Triple the value with three new blades from Julia – ‘cutting edge’ at its best!

26, Nov 2019

The Italian company, Julia Utensili SPA, has, since its inception, been involved in manufacturing high-speed steel blading, explains First Cut Director Gary Willis. However, in terms of tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blades...

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Coping with lengthly shipping delays

20, Nov 2019

When ports that serve as gateways into East Africa become clogged up, importing is a tricky – and very lengthy – business. Many of our customers in the region are experiencing long delays in their imports of CCA.

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Dolphin Bay helps to revise Tanzanian national standards

20, Nov 2019

Dolphin Bay has played a key role in helping the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards to update its specifications governing timber preservation. Our representative was part of a group that produced draft standards at a meeting...

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ITC-SA reverses dormancy resolution

28, Oct 2019

The Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) reverses its resolution of dormancy following overwhelming feedback from various quarters of the structural timber industry, the full spectrum of its membership.

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BLM Group: turning your tube-bending and end-forming into a production pipeline

10, Oct 2019

Conventional production-line steel processing dictates that one part is made at a time. Parts are processed sequentially and eventually become part of a larger whole. However, it has been shown that this system...

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Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) prepares to enter dormancy

07, Oct 2019

Established more than 45 years ago to help formalise and advance the timber roof construction industry and protect its consumers, the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA), South Africa's...

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Timber for schools

03, Oct 2019

We are living in the era of climate change – we see it and, what’s more, we feel it every day. Children learn about it in schools, even in kindergarten. They are taught what people seem to forget: How to coexist with nature.

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Getting familiar with edge banding

02, Oct 2019

Wooden desks, wardrobes, kitchen units and other wood finishes have smooth and neat edges that look impressive, thanks to edge banding. During the manufacturing process of wood, edges are often exposed...

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Friendly and knowledgable approach clinches deal with Kwambo

26, Sep 2019

Kwambo Poles & Timber has brought on Dolphin Bay as a supplier in a decision that owner Colin Lucke says is “not just about price, but about service”. This follows extensive advice and guidance from Dolphin Bay’s...

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