13, Aug 2022 -

SSA Aims & Objectives

The objects of the Association shall be as follows:

  1. To promote the interests of all sawmillers big and small in the Republic of South Africa and to create unity of purpose and identity amongst its members;

  2. To promote and foster the sawmilling industry for the benefit of its members especially by way of providing a formal voice on behalf of the Sawmilling sector in respect of any issue which bears upon the interests of sawmillers individually or collectively;

  3. To promote the sustainable growth, development and well-being of the South African sawmilling industry and in particular emergent sawmillers from groups previously disadvantaged;

  4. To promote policies and operating practices which support free competition in all spheres of activity and which foster and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and the development of sustainable standards and codes of conduct and ethics.

  5. To promote and encourage education and training in the industry.

  6. To collect, analyse, exchange and disseminate information, literature and statistics of whatsoever nature as may be relevant to the needs of its members including an understanding of relevant law.

  7. To represent the interests and views of its members to Parliament, Government, Provincial and other Public or Private Bodies and Officials in the Republic of South Africa, and elsewhere, as may be necessary;

  8. To seek affiliation or enter into any working agreement or arrangement with any other sawmilling, forestry and other industry bodies already in existence as well as with any organisation or persons having objects similar in whole or in part or closely related to the objects of the Association both locally and internationally;

  9. To do all such things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

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